Secondary Choir Director and Accompanist

Angela McKeown Nemetchek


Angela McKeown Nemetchek is thrilled to be working with the Elk Island Regional Secondary Choir as their conductor!  By day, Angela teaches secondary and elementary singers at Edmonton Public Schools’ Victoria School of the Arts.   In 2013 she was the assistant conductor of the Alberta Youth Choir and completed her Masters of Music in Choral Conducting at the University of Alberta where she studied under Dr. Len Ratzlaff.


Angela also holds a Bachelor of Education in Vocal Music from the University of Western Ontario and an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Guelph.

Prior to arriving in Edmonton, Ms. McKeown taught senior and junior high school choral music for 8 years at International Schools in both Korea and China. While in Asia, Ms. McKeown led her choirs to festivals in Prague, Seoul, Manila, Shanghai and Beijing.


Laura Lillies

Choral Assistant and Accompanist

We welcome Laura Lillies as the Choral Assistant and Accompanist for the Secondary Choir. Laura is passionate about music and has been involved in numerous band, choirs, and piano performing for over 30 years. In 2009, she completed a degree in piano performance through the Royal Conservatory in Toronto. Laura has been teaching piano, theory, and musicianship for 17 years in her own studio. She has extensive experience as an accompanist, choir director, and orchestra director. One of the highlights her career was directing a cantata in 2010 that featured a 50+ person choir and live band. It is also her privilege to be part of her church band and she leads the congregation in worship regularly. Laura is looking forward to sharing in your child’s musical journey!